Rosemary’s Baby soundtrack is now available from Waxwork Records


Rosemary’s baby has long been one of the soundtracks Waxwork has heard for a long time, and today they answered the call. A reprint of the soundtrack is available to order now, along with the Krzysztof Komeda entire score, remastered directly from the original master tapes. The 180 gram disc is a “Tanis Green” disc and includes artwork by Jay Shaw. This presentation of the score will be shipped on February 11, so no long wait after ordering. Check it out below.

Credit Waxwork Records

Rosemary’s Baby Waxwork Records Release Details

“Waxwork Records is delighted to present the deluxe reissue of their long-running, sold-out film score vinyl release of Rosemary’s Baby. Directed by Roman Polanski and composed by Polish composer Krzysztof Komeda, Waxwork once again presents the classic score from 1968 remastered for vinyl and This is a special reprint of the most complete presentation of the original music from the movie Rosemary’s Baby to have ever been pressed on vinyl.Tip-on style open jacket with satin finish and gloss coating Spot UV, an 11″x11″ printed insert, liner notes, never-before-seen production photos and artwork by Jay Shaw.

List of tracks:

In front of
1. Main title
2. Furnish the apartment
3. Sing
4. Dream
5. Lullaby
6. Pain
7. How to prepare a good steak / The ear
8. Holiday Music
9. After the call to Hutch
10. Bon Appetit
11. Lullaby / Cradle Sequence

13. Book on Witchcraft
14. The Horrible Doctor
15. Perfume
16. The Horrible Doctor #2
17. The Short Dream
18. Iron Bars / Elevator / Dr. Sapirstein and Syringe
19. Path to the Pit of Evil #1
20. Path to the Pit of Evil #2 & #3
21. What did you do?
22. End Title

Rosemary's Baby soundtrack is now available from Waxwork Records
Credit Waxwork Records

I don’t have to tell you this is probably the last chance to add Rosemary’s baby to your collection. Go here and grab a copy now.

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