RTE viewer had a hilarious experience after waking up to Nicky Byrne’s soundtrack for my life


One RTE viewer shared his hilarious experience after waking up to Nicky Byrne’s Soundtrack to My Life show.

On the program, the RTÉ Concert Orchestra plays a selection of crisp hits and familiar ground pieces every weekend.

This week has seen special guests Kodaline and some incredibly incredible appearances from musical legends such as Jack L, Loah and others.

The show is presented by Nicky Byrne of Westlife as he interviews his guests about their musical inspirations, the meanings behind the band’s successes and their favorite songs over the years.

In tonight’s episode, the band Kodaline shared how they wrote the song The One.

After trying to find a gift for his companion’s wedding, singer Steve Garrigan said in passing that he would write them a song.

However, after forgetting his promise, the groom called him on the eve of the big day to ask him about the evolution of the melody.

Quickly, Steve composed one of the group’s greatest hits.

The band also opened up about their European tour with The Cranberries and how two fans started to get fed up with hearing the band’s five songs.

They commemorated Doroles O’Riordan by reprising Zombie with the guitarist of the Cranberries.

Swipe the screen to see inside Nicky Byrne’s wedding to wife Georgina

However, it was a fan moment at the start of the show that had everyone spellbound.

James McCarthy took to Twitter to share his terrifying but hilarious moment after waking up from a nap on the couch.

He said: “Dosed on the couch to be woken up by @ NickyByrne announcing Happy New Years Eve on the RTÈ soundtrack for my life…

“I had to check the calendar to make sure I hadn’t just woken up from a coma…”

Many others were in love with Kodaline’s performance and enjoyed the conversations around their music.

One RTE viewer wrote: “@Kodaline is STILL showing the sparkle that is becoming the norm with Irish music and bands showcasing their extraordinary talent… love this new show”.

Another joked, “Weirdest @rte rehearsal show ever !! Watch New Years Eve 2020, host in 2021 with @Kodaline and @NickyByrne.”


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