Screenwriter Manoj Muntashir on the casting of Kangana Ranaut in The Incarnation: Sita

After playing a queen in Manikarnika and a politician in the recently released Thalaivii, Kangana Ranaut is set to play Sita in director Alaukik Desai’s The Incarnation: Sita. When the film was announced, names of actresses like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Deepika Padukone had appeared for the role of Sita. But on Monday, Desai announced that Kangana would play Sita, and the actress confirmed the same on social media. The screenplay was written by KV Vijayendra Prasad, Manoj Muntashir and Desai and produced by Saloni Sharma and Anshita Desai.

Muntashir, who also wrote the story (along with Desai), dialogue and lyrics for the film, says, “I’m delighted that Kangana is playing Sita. She was on our priority list. Rumors were circulating about actresses like Kareena and Deepika being approached for the project, but they weren’t true. The Sita Devi we sketched has different undertones, and Kangana is the best cast from that point of view. Once you see the film in theaters, you won’t be able to view anyone in its place. We never approached other actresses and always wanted Kangana to play the title role. The search for a young actress to play the title role was launched, because it is about Sita in her youth. We are not showing the whole Ramayana, but his maiden life before marrying Ram. “

Ask Muntashir what led them to Kangana, and he quickly adds, “She believes in the character of Sita. Few people are naturally inclined to this area. With most actresses, you’ll have to make them understand what Sita’s DNA is. But Kangana is Sita. As you speak and discuss the topic with her, you can see the sparkle in her eyes. Kangana is already there – you don’t have to push her to be in this area. She was brought up in a certain way and is deeply spiritual. Therefore, it comes naturally to him. In addition, Kangana has a strong personality and my Sita is not shy, shy or vulnerable. It is someone who takes a stand, who makes decisions. She must be the standard bearer of Indian feminism – Sita should be a role model. ”

The Incarnation: Sita is based on Sita’s life before marriage. She is one of the central figures of the Hindu epic Ramayana and is the daughter of BhÅ«mi (the land) and the adopted daughter of King Janaka of Videha and his wife, Queen Sunayana. Sita is known for her dedication, courage and purity. She marries Ram, the prince of Ayodhya, after winning the swayamvara challenge.

Muntashir says Kangana loved the story when Desai told it to him. “Then we had several meetings; the dates were discussed as she is a busy star. What Kangana liked the most was Desai’s enthusiasm for the film. When you work so hard on a project, it reflects in your body language, the way you present your subject to the actor and everything that goes on, and that’s how Kangana agreed to play Sita Devi.

The writer-lyricist and his director plan to fly to Dharamshala for a few weeks to write the final version. “The Incarnation: Sita is a film that will define our careers. We both take it seriously and know that it can be a movie that will be remembered for a long time if it’s done right. It is planned on a grandiose and sumptuous scale and will be carried out with a large budget, ”signed Muntashir.

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Posted on: Thursday, September 16, 2021, 7:00 a.m. IST

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