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  Consigned CEF is for people who want a fast, secure, long-term credit with the ease of the discount sheet. This Caixa solution can be very useful also for those looking for a low-interest and


Consigned CEF is for people who want a fast, secure, long-term credit with the ease of the discount sheet. This Caixa solution can be very useful also for those looking for a low-interest and no-bureaucratic operation.

At CEF, the consignment loan is a credit line created exclusively for employees of private companies and civil servants of various spheres. The collection of the loan installments is carried out through an agreement for recording the salary or the client’s check.

With the CEF, in the companies or public agencies where the client works to have an agreement, the request is easy, with just some personal information it is possible to obtain a “payroll loan simulation” intended in any agency of CAIXA.

What does it take to take out the CEF payroll loan? Be an employee or server of a public or private company with an agreement for payroll assignment with CEF.

How to acquire the CEF payroll? The first step is to find out if there is a free assignable margin, this done, the service provided in this type of credit, is fast, practical and personalized. The CEF sends the contract for formalization of the operation until the applicant to be signed and also collects the necessary documents, which are: RG – Identity Card, CPF, Proof of Residency updated and Proof of Income.

The CEF payroll loan (Caixa Econômica Federal) is a credit line also intended for those who are beneficiaries of the INSS (retired or pensioner). Even if you do not have a checking account at Caixa, the interested customer can benefit from all the conditions and advantages offered by this modality (Payroll).

It is worth mentioning that the installments of the CEF payroll loan are deducted monthly, the amount does not change during the plan, that is, they are equal and successive until the end of the contract.

For INSS policyholders, retirees and pensioners who want the CEF loan on assignment, the first step is to verify if the type of benefit is allowed as per the MPAS relationship that accepts the institution’s approval to discount the installments, following the guidelines of the current legislation.

In the branches of the Caixa Econômica Federal – CEF, the interested party in this type of credit can obtain all the necessary information to make the request, if you already have the documentation ready, just agree to the terms and sign the payroll agreement to leave with money in the hand. Access the website: for more details on the CEF payroll loan.

For whom is the payday loan Caixa?


For whom is the payday loan Caixa?


The payroll of Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) is available to:

  • INSS retirees and pensioners
  • Officials of public companies
  • Employees of private companies

It is also available to companies, especially those that are contracted with Caixa Econômica Federal, to know if you have access, most advisable, contact your company’s HR directly or call 0800-726-0101.

The advantages of the CEF payroll loan is that it is not “necessarily or necessarily” to have an account with the bank or to be an account holder to obtain this type of credit, except for certain segments such as the police officers of São Paulo.

CEF Consolidated Loan

It is worth remembering that if you do not work with a “signed portfolio” or are unemployed, there is no legal possibility of obtaining the payroll or other line of credit that has this requirement. CEF has several other types of loans and loans, if you are having difficulty applying for a loan at your bank try Caixa, or there are several other financial institutions that facilitate access to the online loan application, do not forget to observe the applied interest rates.

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