Slamdance Announces 2022 Screenplay Contest Winners

Slamdance has announced the winners of its 2022 screenplay competition, with the grand prize going to writer Gabriel Malasig for his screenplay titled “American Retail”. The storyline follows a black woman as she struggles to supplement her music career through a dead-end retail job in a supermarket.

Additional awards were presented at a live ceremony that took place at the Nuart Theater and co-presented by the Writers Guild of America West and Landmark Theaters on Sunday. Slamdance recognizes writers in its Feature Film, Horror/Thriller, TV Pilot, Short Film and Mentorship categories. Over $18,000 in prizes, plus various industry services, are awarded to winners in all categories.

“We received over 4,200 script submissions this year,” said festival director Lily Yasuda. “Our readers have been blown away by the quality of this year’s storylines, and our winners exemplify everything we look for in a storyline: bold, original, and fearless in tackling complex social issues head-on. We couldn’t be proudest of this group of writers and are honored to help them take the next step in their careers.

Previous winners include 2021 winner Neil Ferron, who later signed with Entertainment 360, and Tyler Tice, whose 2018 Grand Prize-winning feature “Day Shift” was produced by Netflix.

Carlotta Summers received the Slamdance Screenplay Mentorship Award for her pilot script for the series “The Wanderer,” which follows an undercover illegitimate mixed-race heiress to battle a white supremacist group during the American Reconstruction era.

“Our alumni team is honored to mentor Carlotta and her exciting new work ‘The Wanderer’. We believe this storyline has the potential to be a great series,” said Slamdance President and Co-Founder, Peter Baxter: “His themes of justice, overcoming racism, family legacy, finding your true self and workers’ rights particularly resonated with us as we are still dealing with these issues today.”

The full list of winners follows:

1st place: “American Retail” by Gabriel Malasig
2nd place: “The Løvset maneuver” by Elizabeth Chatelain
3rd place: “Take My Hand” by Sam Pavich
1st place: “Merrow” by Alexander Seltzer
2nd place: “Past Due” by Jesse Nesser
3rd place: “Calmate, Mija” by Victor Ridaura
1st place: “Texas Prison Rodeo: Vaquero” by Aaron Kozak and Driscoll Otto
2nd place: “Workless” by Jacob Norremark
3rd: “Nora & Sam” by Nadia Osman
1st place: “The Vault” by Ryan Self
2nd place: “DeadMe” by Asabi Lee and Paul Hart-Wilden
3rd place: “Glimpse” by Richard Martin and Josh Calvert

(Winner Gabriel Malasig, left with Peter Baxter of Slamdance)