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Officially incarcerated Boston native by George Powell first play The Walk attracts Hollywood stars!

BOSTON, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Soular Productions’ debut project, The Walk, is a screenplay written by George Powell and Dan Adams. The March is inspired by real events that took place during desegregation when Boston Public schools bussed black and white children from the poorer neighborhoods of Boston in each other’s schools. Soular Productions chose The Walk as its signature project because it’s a story that was told in documentary form, but never featured in a movie. This topic is as relevant in today’s society as it has been throughout America’s history. Additionally, Soular Productions wanted to show the different layers of emotions that people felt at that particular time in history. The March is unique in its ability to portray the intensity of people’s beliefs and values ​​represented so authentically in the natural environments of households and dressing rooms. Finally, Soular Productions wanted to create a discussion about racism in Massachusetts. On time Massachusetts is seen as a post-racial society, yet The Walk reminds us of the deep influences of institutionalized racism. It was an honor to have such great actors and actresses attached to the film. The cast is Justin Chatwin, Terrence Howard, Jeremy Piven, Malcolm McDowell, Lovie Simone, kate douglasand Anastasiya Mitrunen. The Walk has received numerous awards; the one Soular Production is very proud of is Best Screenplay.

On April 14, 2022 the Boston The International Film Festival will present The Walk as its opening film. June 10, 2022 The march will be in theaters across the country and on VOD.

Soular Productions has many other projects slated for release. Our next being “What about us”. If you would like to support Soular Productions’ mission, please contact us at [email protected]

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Founded in 2016, Soular Productions is a Boston independent film company that writes and produces scripts for feature films and documentaries. We are proud to say that we design and finance our own content, which allows us to have creative autonomy. George Powellfounder of Soular Productions, has as its main objective to make films from the point of view of the black and brown communities of the neighborhoods of Boston. We seek to fill the void of cinematography that has been underrepresented in the portrayal of from boston narration.

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