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All I Need Is Your Signature (Short Film Soundtrack)

Brooklyn, New York, June 23, 2022 – Ulterground Records is pleased to announce the release of the complete soundtrack to All I Need Is Your Signature, a short film written and directed by Aaron Garcia. The music is written and produced by award-winning Brooklyn, New York composer Stefan Kristinkov.

The EP album features the hybrid orchestral soundtrack as it was written and recorded. The music takes the point of view of the main character and builds to connect the audience to the story and the character on an emotional level.

Stefan Kristinkov is an eclectic composer, known primarily for his work in independent films, and a clarinetist with extensive international experience, based in New York. His music is characterized by its inventiveness in combining diverse, often unexpected elements, blurring the boundaries of styles and genres. Apart from being an accomplished musician, music producer and ambitious composer with years of professional experience, Stefan retains a deep curiosity, allowing him to constantly explore new ideas and seek out unique creative solutions.

All I Need Is Your Signature is the original story of a woman, Tanya, who does a mysterious job and gets signatures for various contracts. She only needs one last signature to complete her pledge, but the last signature she needs becomes a proof to obtain.

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