‘Station to Station’ Soundtrack Sets Album Details and February Release

“Station to Station” movie soundtrack album cover

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Francis McGrath, Austin-based musician, composer and award-winning songwriter for the independent film “Station to Station”

The album will feature extended tracks from Francis McGrath’s award-winning electronic score and the three original songs heard in the indie drama.

Francis McGrath’s music is a big part of how “Station to Station” managed to punch so far above its own weight. I’m not surprised by the demand for a full soundtrack and we’re very happy to deliver one.

— Benjamin Bryant, writer and director of “Station to Station”

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, Jan. 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The full soundtrack for the indie film ‘Station to Station’ will be released in February, following the film’s German and UK releases, and the expansion of virtual cinema to VOD platforms, film distributor BZ/MP announced on Monday.

The album will include Austin musician Francis McGrath’s award-winning electronic score and feature extended versions of several key instrumental pieces from the film.

Album versions of the three original songs featured in the film, co-written by McGrath and Benjamin Bryant, and performed by McGrath alongside featured vocalists, will also be included:

– “Sexy Nightmare,” a thrilling nu-disco track featuring Texas singer Kimberly Pollini;
– “Closer to You”, a romantic dance-pop duet with Benjamin Bryant (“Aidy Kane”, “Anacostia”) and Taryn Hacker (“Welcome to Hope”, “Magic in Mount Holly”); and
– “Changing Stations,” the emotional rock ballad theme song from the film, sung by Broadway star Jon Hacker (Joe Pesci, JERSEY BOYS; currently touring North America in the lead role of Frankie Valli).

McGrath (best known for pop album ‘No Less Days’ and ambient/experimental LP ‘Trains in the Night’), whose complex and innovative electronic score won top category honors at the International Film and screenwriter from Las Vegas, contributes vocals to the film’s “[email protected]/[email protected]” track, and has created extended versions of some of the film’s most memorable tracks, available exclusively on the upcoming album.

“What Francis McGrath accomplished as a composer and co-songwriter on this film is a big part of how our ‘little movie that could’ managed to punch above its weight last year. The music is emotional , touching and often haunting,” said Benjamin Bryant, the film’s writer and director. “I’m not surprised by the request for a full soundtrack and we’re very happy to deliver one.”

Writer-director Bryant’s directorial debut “Station to Station” proved to be a rare microbudget standout during the 2021 festival season. , “Station to Station” ultimately premiered as the opening night selection of the 2021 Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival, where it received eight jury nominations (including for best film), won two and won the festival’s “Prix du public”, voted on by the participants. The film ended its festival with 13 wins and 15 nominations, honoring production, performances, writing, direction, costumes, and more.

“Station to Station – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”, produced by McGrath in collaboration with Bryant, will be available for download and streaming on all major McGrath and BZ/MP platforms.

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