Stranger Things S4 Soundtrack Has A Big Fat Liar Reference

Photo: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

The Clash, Toto and Echo and the Bunnymen all feature on the nostalgic stranger things soundtrack. But if director and executive producer Shawn Levy were to describe the plot of season four of the juggernaut sci-fi show with a single ’80s song title, it would be a Duran Duran classic. “I might go for a shocker,” Levy said in the season premiere. “‘Hungry Like the Wolf’, as far as our villain’s ravenous and diabolical appetites are concerned.”

“When you watch the full season, you’re going to leave, Shit, Shawn gave me the “Hungry Like the Wolf” hint. I thought it was because he used that song in his movie Huge liar,joked Lévy. “But no, that actually applies to the villain plot.” The series’ final big baddie – a tipped, corpse-like monster à la Freddy Krueger named Vecna ​​after one of the world’s most powerful undead villains. Dungeons & Dragons universe – makes several appearances in the season four trailer. At some point, the creature expires that the Foreign “the crew’s suffering is almost over”, and to another he announces that someone has “broke everything”.

Speaking of that needle drop, however, I would like to see a stranger things monster as terrifying as Paul Giamatti cosplaying Veruca Salt.