Stray And The Soundtrack Launches Disney Covers With “I 2 I” From “A Goofy Movie”

Stray and the Soundtrack has launched their brand new cover series titled Disney Deep Dives – which will be released as part of their Stray Covers project every second Tuesday through August 2022 – with an electrifying cover and music video of “I 2 I” from 1995’s “A Goofy Movie”. The track and video features special guest Bryce Charles singing and cosplaying as Powerline. Watch it here:

Stray and the Soundtrack is the musical love child of Shawn W. Smith and Michael Herlihy, combining 20 years of collective experience in the entertainment industry, a love for all genres of music and a flair for the theater. . The group’s self-titled debut album features 11 original songs written, performed and produced by Shawn W. Smith and Michael Herlihy, as well as a bonus cover of “Bat Out Of Hell” by Jim Steinman. Highlights of the project include “Say Hi To The Devil” (a 70s-style jam band hymn), “Say When” (a 60s-style jam doowop), “Here On Mars” (a alternative rock inspired by the 90s), and “Don’t Slip Away” (evoking memories of ballads from the early 2000s).

The creation of Stray And The Soundtrack was born when Shawn and Michael traveled the world working on “For The Record: The Brat Pack”. Shawn is originally from Buffalo, NY and is an accomplished actor / singer / songwriter who has previously released a solo album, has performed in several regional theater actors across the country, and currently plays Earl on the “Waitress” nationwide tour. The Musical “. Michael grew up in Lansdale, PA and is a masterful musician and producer who has toured with “Chicago” and produced singles and records for various artists in the New York and Los Angeles areas.

Stray And The Soundtrack can be found on all streaming services and social media platforms.

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