Street Famous Soundtrack Label Launches’s Star-Studded Soundtrack on iHeart Radio Takeover Campaign

Preview of STREETFAMOUSSOUNDTRACKLABEL.COM as it released 2AMBITIOUS.COM THE HIT RAP & R&B DOCUMENTARY SERIES SOUNDTRACK on iHeart Radio featuring an interview with the film’s producer. soundtrack album cover

Featuring the original musical score by Rick Ross, The Game, Maybach Music Group, Rihanna, Gucci Mane and G-Unit, the 12-song documentary LP Hit Vimeo On Demand from executive producer and film producer Horse ‘El Caballo’ Wren is now available globally.

2AMBITIOUS.COM Documentary: Trailer Available on YouTube Now –

As well as putting a name to the next generation of “RM” generation for the Rap music generation. answers a lot of real music industry questions that will be like a beacon of hope for new artists to follow for 300 years or more from Street Fame Magazine Founder & Film Producer award-nominated Horse ‘El Caballo’ Wren Season 1 of the series is the cliffhanger, and has indie music career talents and fans who want more and more answers hoping that part 2 of this brilliant documentary on the music industry quickly follows sooner.

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Described as a “globally successful independent documentary series that combines interviews with celebrities and high-profile music label executives, which is the first of its kind to become a feature film”.

The music industry documentary nominated for the award in Best Urban Media:

[WATCH] Horse ‘El Caballo’ Wren’s 2AMBITIOUS.COM Music Documentary

Media Mogul/Movie Producer Turned His Celebrity Entertainment Magazine into a Rap Industry Hit Movie Series!

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