Super Hero Soundtrack Includes Movie Story Spoilers

The track listing for the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero soundtrack gives some clues as to the twists and turns the new film’s story will take.

The list of tracks for Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes The soundtrack has been released and contains spoilers for the plot of the new film.


The track listing was posted online by Twitter user @DBHype and lists the songs in the order they’re used in the film, so the titles can be played together to get a preview of the movie. full movie story to come. Track titles give the subject of certain scenes, such as “Beerus and Cheelai”, which reveals that the God of Destruction and the former Frieza Force warrior will appear together in one scene, and “Shenron”, which suggests that seven Dragon Balls will be picked up and used to summon the infamous wish granting dragon. Other tracks are named a little more subtly but still provide some plot clues, such as “The Deadliest of All, Activates”, a name that strongly implies that the Red Ribbon Army’s secret weapon, which is widely held to be classic. Dragon Ball Z the villainous Cell, will indeed emerge from the mysterious orb-shaped container that has been seen in several trailers.

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Some of the song names refer to scenes that have already been seen in trailers, such as “Gohan vs. Gammas”, which will supposedly play during the young Saiyan’s rainy day confrontation with the two new android warriors of the film, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Interestingly, Gamma 2 gets its own track, “Gamma 2’s Resolve”, which appears late in the track listing, while Gamma 1 does not get its own theme, implying that the first of the android duo can be eliminated at an earlier stage in the story. .

Fans who want to step into the new dragonball A completely spoiler-free movie, you are advised to be very careful in the coming weeks, because in addition to the new track listing, Toei Animation has been releasing new trailers for the movie every few days for about a week. The most recent of these trailers was also released today and focuses on Gohan’s attempts to protect his daughter, Pan, who is now old enough to begin her martial arts training under Piccolo.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes will premiere in Japan on June 11. The film will be released internationally by Crunchyroll later this summer.

Fans who want to catch up on the series before can catch all the dragonball animated series, including from the original 1986 TV show and the 2017 adaptation of Dragon Ball Super, on Crunchyroll. Akira Toriyama’s original manga is also available in English from publisher VIZ Media.

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