Does Oscar favorite Jane Campion win her second writing trophy, or does it go to the snubbed writer-director of ‘Dune’? (Constantly updated.) As usual, the nominees in the Adapted Screenplay category are a varied bunch, with films of all shapes and sizes adapted from earlier material, whether it’s novels, shortRead More →

Writer-director John Ridley discussed the ins and outs of documentary filmmaking with industry insiders for his documentary film event “Critical Content: Stories That Matter”. Ridley, who won an Oscar for adapting ’12 Years a Slave,’ sat down with ‘Flee’ director Jonas Poher Rasmussen, ‘Faya Dayi’ director Jessica Beshir and ‘SummerRead More →

One of the reasons that this work doesn’t weigh on me is that I take so much pleasure in welcoming new directorial talents to our screens. So here is our list of filmmakers whose first fiction feature films marked me so much. I’m still ringing the gong for second-time filmmakersRead More →

Via Twitter, iconic songwriter Michael Giacchino announced that he has been hired to oversee the soundtrack of the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder,” the franchise’s superhero sequel. Giacchino is known for some of the most memorable sheet music in cinema, including “Mission Impossible”, “Planet of the Apes: Confrontation”, “Ratatouille”, “UpRead More →

Father-son directors Jason and Ivan Reitman, right, pose for a portrait at the Hook & Ladder Company 8 Firehouse in New York City. (Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times) As a filmmaker, Ivan Reitman has built an extremely successful career based on laughs with comedies like “Meatballs”, “Stripes”, “Twins” andRead More →

Eric Roth, Dune’s Oscar-winning screenwriter, writes all of his screenplays using a 30-year-old MS-DOS program called Movie Master. Eric Roth, the Oscar-winning screenwriter behind Dune, wrote the script for the film using a 30-year-old MS-DOS program. Besides the recently released sci-fi epic, Roth is known as the screenwriter behind ForrestRead More →

Publication displays: 73 The Oscar-winning filmmaker offers insight into his screenwriting process and what he looks for in a screenplay. Filmmaker Alexander Payne takes a break from preparing, casting and researching his upcoming film, “The Holdovers,” to talk to us about screenwriting and how to create a great screenplay. “IRead More →

Bruce Springsteen’s passion for songwriting about horses and the western United States will come to life on the soundtrack of an upcoming mustang documentary film. The singer-songwriter will appear alongside artists such as Emmylou Harris and Willie Nelson on the soundtrack of “The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses” when the filmRead More →

Christopher Hampton and Florian Zeller won an Oscar in the “Best Adapted Screenplay” category for their work in Anthony Hopkins-starrer The father, at the 93rd Academy Awards. The film had won six 2021 Oscar nominations in March, including “Best Picture,” “Best Supporting Actress” for Colman and “Best Actor” for HopkinsRead More →