Terminator 2 star reveals he wanted Nine Inch Nails on the film’s soundtrack instead of Guns N’ Roses

Some movie-song combos are simply woven into the very fabric of popular culture. Superior gun and Dangerous zone. Titanic and my heart Will Go On. men in black and, uh, men in black. In the early ’90s, few encounters between film and music were as instantly iconic as that of James Cameron’s spectacular hit sequel. Terminator 2: Judgment Day and the Guns N’ Roses hit you could be mine.

Selected especially for the film after direct involvement of terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, the tune plays in an early scene courtesy of young John Connor and his pal, as well as over the film’s end credits. The video for the single even came into the picture, uniting Schwarzenegger with Guns N’ Roses with footage from the film.

In a new interview, however, T2 star Robert Patrick, who played the villain T-1000 in the movie and also appeared in the likes of X files and Peacemakerrevealed that had he been successful, the music from Guns N’ Roses would not have featured in the sequel at all.

“When I was doing Terminator 2I trained for Head like a hole by Nine Inch Nails, because my younger brother, Richard Patrick, was a touring guitarist for them,” Patrick reveals to The Guardian. “I took it to Jim Cameron and tried to get it used for the Terminator 2 soundtrack, but He said no. Arnold prefers Guns N’ Roses,’ which continued to record You could be minean original song for Terminator 2. It’s ironic because Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor has now won a few Oscars for his soundtracks.”

Patrick also reveals that he is a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath, noting, “I vividly remember riding my Stingray bike to Kmart in Kettering, Ohio to buy Hendrix in the West – Jimi Hendrix’s live album – and master of reality by black sabbath, both in the early 70s, with the money I had earned doing heavy carpentry work. I went home, listened to one after another and was blown away.”

Guns N’ Roses recently wrapped up their 2022 European Tour and begin a trek through South America tomorrow, September 1, in Manaus, Brazil.