“The directing process taught me that I had to be authentic – in my scripts and in real life,” says Suraj Gautam, director and founder of Mahakaal Motion Pictures.

“The filmmaking process taught me that I have to be authentic – in my scripts and in real life”, quotes Suraj Gautam, director and producer, he is the founder of Mahakaal Motion Pictures: http://mkmotionpictures.in/

They debuted with a Hollywood movie “Hexing” which released in India in 2019 and is still running in many countries on OTT worldwide, and their recent Bollywood which is on Amazon prime: https: //youtu.be/U6lY6uua99s

A filmmaker is responsible for the whole team and is almost like a lion in a jungle. When we started the company in 2013, in Mumbai and now it’s a full fledged production house with offices in Andheri West and Bhopal,
Starting with the production of a television series, then general public theatrical releases, the journey has been long and rewarding,
After 9 years of experience in cinema as a producer,

“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” – Walt Disney

Citing one of his favorite directors, Suraj made his directorial debut 2 years ago and has directed several music videos ranging from Hindi to Punjabi music industry.
“I have always been an artist since my childhood, I used to paint and I also had a talent for films and legendary stories, being a director is only the beginning, the stories I wanted to tell to through my art are just getting started and we will be coming up with a web series in December which is written by me and my brother, it will be directed by me and will indeed be a new and groundbreaking experience”

Suraj has made various music videos ranging from hip hop to R&B and even bhajans, he has made 8 music videos so far and thinks this is just the beginning and looking forward to leading great artists with a streak of multiple genres of music and web series with their team.