The Elden Ring Soundtrack is now available on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music

Ring of Elden players know how great the game’s soundtrack is no matter what they’re doing in-game. Whether exploring the Lands Between or battling the Lichdragon Fortissax, players can rest assured that their immersion will never will never break.

For those who really love the game soundtrack, FromSoftware has a gift for you.

The renowned game developer has announced that it is making the entire game soundtrack available on streaming services around the world, allowing Ring of Elden players feel like they’re in the Lands Between wherever they go.

Elden Ring Soundtrack Stream Details

Tsukasa Saito, sound designer and lead composer at FromSoftware, mentioned in a PlayStation Blog post that the company is releasing a 67-track album on streaming services worldwide, which includes all of the music the game developer has composed. for the game.

Eurogamer mentioned in their review that the game’s soundtrack was composed variously by Tsukasa Saitoh, Shoi Miyazawa, Yuka Kitamura, Yoshimi Kudo, and Tai Tomisawa. It was also noted that these people had worked on other FromSoft games, such as the souls series, Sekiro: Shadows die twice, and transmitted by blood.

According to Saito, he and his team were very aware of keywords and phrases such as “an epic tale”, composure and resilience, “and eloquence”, as they wanted the game’s music to feel different from the souls series or transmitted by blood.

He also told in the blog post how they developed Elden Ring’s soundtrack to make certain pieces feel appropriate to the current situation, such as “Song of Honor” and the title theme of the game.

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Saito mentioned that he and his team originally intended to record the track with the choir members only, but realized that would not be enough. He explained that a gathering place for many mercenaries and soldiers would not necessarily be filled with singers.

As a result, instead of having the choir members sing, Saito had the brass section members do the work.

However, the track Saito was most attached to was the game’s title theme, which must convey something different from previous FromSoft titles.

“We spent a lot of time obsessing over and refining the details and tonal qualities of this piece, and I think as a result we achieved something that embodied the themes of the game and became a strong directional pillar for the rest of the music.” Saito said. “I think we made a good play for when players start the game, sparking their motivation and excitement to embark on their journey to become Elden Lord.”

Where to stream the Elden Ring soundtrack

The Verge and Bandai Namco reported that FromSoft uploaded Elden Ring’s soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple, especially Apple Music and iTunes Store.

The game developer has also made the soundtrack available on Amazon Music, Deezer, Qobuz and Tidal.

To celebrate the release of the soundtrack, Bandai Namco released a video featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the Budapest Film Orchestra sessions while working on the soundtrack on YouTube.

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