The Peele Effect: How the Next Chapter in Horror Cinema Creates a Voice for New Storytellers

Jordan Peele’s success opened doors for more black writers and directors

Jordan Peele ushered in a new era of horror cinema.

Half of the comedy duo, Key & Peele, the talented writer, director and producer uses his impeccable timing, curiosity for gruesome and razor-sharp social commentary to scare audiences away and get them to consider the issues that affect them himself and the world around him.

The success of her first horror film, “Get Out” opened doors for black writers and directors, while also producing huge box office receipts.

If you want to see something scary this weekend, Dark Horror debuts October 28 on Shudder, AMC’s scary movie streaming service. The Anthology is a series of six black horror shorts presented as a two hour film.

And on Amazon Prime, “Welcome to the Blumhouse” has a collection of four horror films, from black, Latino, and female filmmakers tackling topics such as immigration, eldercare, gentrification, racism and more. Again.

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