The playwright Christopher Adams will adapt the scenario “Finistère”

The playwright Christopher Adams was asked to write a screenplay based on the novel “Finistère”.

Although little known, the novel is the groundbreaking story of a gay man who falls in love with his tennis teacher at a French boarding school in the 1920s. It was written by Fritz Peters, whose entire catalog was recently acquired by Hirsch Giovanni Entertainment.

“Beyond his impressive resume, what impressed us with Chris was his deep understanding of the novel and his passion to speak to modern audiences while honoring the text,” said producer and managing partner David M. Hirsch.

Adams is an acclaimed English playwright who recently adapted the limited series “Aubade” for FilmNation. This series is based on a controversial queer Northern Irish novel from 1957.

Finistère was published in 1951 and sold more than 350,000 copies. It has been praised by leading critics such as Gore Vidal, who wrote that author Peters “has created a fine and passionate novel. It’s almost as if two of those idealized youths from Plato’s “Symposium” had, for a brilliant moment, risen to life on a sunny beach near the edge of Europe.

Adams is a PhD student specializing in the history of queer publishing at the Institute of English Studies in London.

“I first came across Fritz Peters’ masterpiece while researching the history of gay novel publishing. I was surprised to learn that ‘Finistère’ was a bestseller in its time, influential on a whole generation of gay people, but had fallen into oblivion,” Adams said, adding that the book was “evocative , and its scope is so ambitious: class, sexuality, American and French identity, divorce, adolescence, binational relations.

Hirsch Giovanni Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based content company with scripted, unscripted, and publishing projects. It was founded in 2019 by Hirsch and Giovanni J. Guidotti, CEO of Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc.

Adams is replaced by Alex Rush at the UK-based Independent Talent Group.