The scenario for Bruce Dickinson’s Doing Siege of Sarajevo Iron Maiden 2021 concert in review

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Scream For Me Sarajevo cover

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson had a top 21 story from May 2021 after announcing he was teaming up with filmmaker Sacha Gervasi to co-write a screenplay that will tell the story of the famous concert Bruce’s “Scream For Me Sarajevo” in 1994.

Bruce and his band Skunkworks were smuggled into the city during the Siege of Sarajevo, and the historical spectacle was the focus of the 2016 documentary “Scream for Me Sarajevo”.

Dickinson said: “The amazing few days I spent in Sarajevo with my solo band before Christmas in 1994 were among the most intense of my life. Creating a story to carry the emotions, the madness, the tragedy and the triumph on screen is no easy task.

“My own trip was that of a long-haired heavy metal singer going through crossfire in a city that had been under siege longer than Stalingrad. Mine was of course not the only trip on that day. , and then, at my home in London, I left fellow travelers in Sarajevo on the road of life. This film is actually dedicated to their story, not mine. “

Gervasi added: “I first met Bruce Dickinson as a Maiden fan at age 15 in London in 1982. Today, almost 40 years later, co-write this extraordinarily intense and personal story with Bruce himself is a genuine and unexpected honor.

“The true story of the children and local musicians who attended this show is as poignant as it is inspiring. Many of them did not make it. As Bruce has said before, we hope this film will pay them back. tribute.”

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