The soundtrack of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is available for pre-order on… cassette!

A Charlie Brown Christmas The soundtrack is available for pre-order this holiday season and it has been formatted in a very unique way these days – a cassette!

A Peanuts classic and a holiday tradition for many watches A Charlie Brown Christmas. And while some may enjoy listening to the soundtrack of the Christmas movie, for those who still like things a little more retro, according to Business fox, the original tape is reissued on a cassette in a limited quantity.

According to Facebook page for Craft Records, the original soundtrack version is back on tape for the first time in 30 years. And given the desire of the younger generations to enjoy all things retro as well as some who have retained their cassette players for decades, this is a new item to have indeed.

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Craft Records included in its Facebook post that the soundtrack will be limited to “5,000 units worldwide”. And while it won’t be released to the public until November 5, it’s now available for pre-order from both Craft files and Amazon for $ 12.99 and $ 12.09, respectively.

The cassette is available in a sparkling silver hue and includes all of the iconic movie favorites. And given that the film made its television debut on December 9, 1965, there are generations of Peanuts fans who have watched it so many times that the music alone will take them back to a time when things were. a little simpler.

For those who perhaps like to listen to their music in a retro way but the cassette is not the musical medium of their choice, according to Business fox, a vinyl version of the soundtrack is also available for purchase.

The announcement of Craft Records states that the vinyl version is available for purchase now. And just like the cassette version, there is only a limited number of discs that have been pressed for purchase.

Several versions of the vinyl soundtrack have been released to meet the needs of all Peanuts fans.

While all versions are wrapped in “elegant silver foil,” according to the company’s announcement, there is a sparkling silver disc, discs available in a variety of fall colors, and the standard black LP. also. They are available for purchase at Amazon, Walmart, Target, the company website, and more. Prices range from $ 22.99 to $ 43.91.

With the soundtracks of C’est The Big Pumpkin, Charlie Brown already full for Halloween, it’s likely the Christmas soundtrack will follow. As such, for those who might be interested in any version of this soundtrack, do not delay. Ring in the holidays and feel nostalgic with A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack.

Source: Business fox, Handcrafted recordings, Facebook

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