The soundtrack of your Freshers’ Week

With all the scheduled entertainment, lukewarm clubbing and the recitation of Freshers’ Week’s name / topic / hometown, we don’t blame you if you don’t have time to expertly put together a list of reading for your first week in Cambridge. Fortunately, your humble music publishers are here to provide you with a custom soundtrack to accompany all the special elements of this week! Something to keep the music flowing even when the conversation is decidedly not.

The song to listen to while driving in Cambridge

“Assuming you’re a bundle of nerves like I was, this carefree hymn is the perfect song to help you lose your inhibitions.”

Maddy: Cranberries – “Linger”

Driving to Cambridge with your parents in the front seat requires a playlist suitable for all ages and tastes. Luckily, I feel like “Linger” is universally adored and has that delicious nostalgic twist (especially if you’re Irish, I guess?) To go with the move from your hometown.

Matthew: Rina Sawayama – “Paradisin ‘”

What better way to start your Cambridge experience than by listening to hands down Cambridge’s best alumnus, Rina Sawayama? Assuming you’re a bundle of nerves like I was, this carefree hymn is the perfect song to help you lose your inhibitions and enjoy the moment. When Rina sings “live my best life, drive”, it is a signal for you to join her in living that joy.


The song to play in your room to make other charges think you’re cool

Maddy: Cocteau Twins – “Blue Beard”

Thinking about that prompt, I thought to myself, “If I walked past someone’s bedroom and they listened to Cocteau Twins, or Kate Bush, or any up-and-coming post-punk band in South London? , I would think they give off the coolest vibes, ”before tragically realizing that I was just describing the music I listen to. Maybe becoming a music editor has inflated the perception of my musical tastes, maybe I’ve always been like this, maybe I’m becoming the manipulative male music snob I’ve always feared . Either way, this piece by Cocteau Twins is sublime and dreamy, perfect for filling any cool girl’s bedroom walls.

Matthieu: C. Tangana, Ninõ de Elche & La Húngara – “Tú me dejaste de querer”

I think growing up in a country where popular music is almost entirely in our mother tongue somehow made me feel that “I am exploring the music of other countries” is a suitable substitute for a personality. That being said, C. Tangana’s nu-flamenco music makes for the perfect background music that is both relaxing enough to casually vibrate, yet interesting enough that any passer-by will think “how mysterious and distinctive this person must be. “.

“Tú me dejaste de querer” combines trap rhythms and traditional flamenco sounds

The song for this afternoon outing, rush before registration to prepare

Maddy: Charli XCX – “The good guys”

If your college is like mine, you’ll probably have a painfully early morning enrollment ceremony after a big night out. Since its release, streaming “Good Ones” has become a part of my daily routine, and I only wish this hypnotic track was here to take me from hangover mess to sleek undergrad in 2019.

Charli XCX surprised fans in “Good Ones” video with her impeccable choreography

Matthew: jxdn – “ANGELS AND DEMONS PT. 2 “

For the average person, I imagine listening to the music of a former TikTok fraternity student who spearheaded the pop-punk revival would likely evoke feelings of horror. I think it’s important to master the skill of taking something that isn’t seemingly cool and deciding for yourself that it is cool, that’s why i have no shame in admitting that jxdn Tell me about tomorrow is the album that gives me morale in the morning when I’m late and I have to get in and out of the shower for a 2 minute song. This song starts out slow – perfect for chilling you out when you’re half asleep – then crashes into heavy drums and guitars, which is fine when you’re frantically grooming your hair and signing up anytime now.


The song you sneakily add to the queue while you hang out

Maddy: Bree Runway feat. Yung Baby Tate – “DAMN DANIEL”

If you are new to the work of London artist Bree Runway, then do learn about it, as she is on the verge of becoming a global superstar, and you will want to take your turn at the Auxiliaries to introduce her to your new friends and make a statement. your status as a creator of taste. The first verse of this song refers to “college” and “academics” and therefore feels vaguely appropriate for Cambridge as well.

Matthew: Wolf Alice – “Play the greatest hits”

What do you do when you are not sure about everyone’s musical tastes, but want to please? Well, you “Play The Greatest Hits” – literally, in this case, with that instant classic from Wolf Alice’s latest record. This was an addition to my friends’ post-exam reunion queue last quarter – somewhere between “good 4 u” and “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE” – and the song made it into sort of got everyone on their feet, jumping until our legs hurt.

The song that will romanticize your trip to Mainsbury’s

“[This track] is sure to make you feel like you’re staring in a coming-of-age movie as you search for other sexy people down the vegan aisle ”

Maddy: Drug Store Romeos – “Frame of Reference”

Like me, you might need a little romance to accomplish menial tasks like shopping. So if during Freshers’ Week you have to take a trip to Mainsbury’s (the center of Sainsbury’s in Cambridge, for those not in the know) then I recommend this lovely piece of Drug Store Romeos that is sure to be a hit. making you feel like you’re starring in a coming-of-age movie as you search for other sexy people down the vegan aisle.

Drug Store Romeos offers a dreamlike concoction of breathy vocals, smooth guitars and keyboard loops

Matthew: Ariana Grande & The Weeknd – “off the table”

I have always loved music for its nostalgia-inducing power when you relate it to certain moments, even periods in your life. Last Saint-Michel, Positions became the soundtrack to my 8 hour walk to Mainsbury’s after a hard day of procrastination, and now I can’t hear the album without imagining myself picking up smoked salmon and pomodorino tomatoes. In the event of a spectacular lip-sync “Will I ever love the same way again?” Under my face mask in the aisle isn’t the main character‘s energy, I don’t know what it is.

The song to play while getting ready for a night out

Maddy: Saweetie – “ICY GRL”

From experience I know that this song, even with a duration of less than 2 minutes, has all the affirmations needed to make you feel and look hot instantly. Warmer than Cambridge’s sweet nightlife deserves, honestly.

Matthew: TIX – “Jævlig”

My prep playlist is pretty much the playlist of songs I wish I had heard at the party. I may have had more fun in my bedroom raving about my pre playlist than I have in any club setting. Between TIX being Norway’s greatest artist and Norwegian universities not charging tuition fees, I think I ended up in the wrong place …

TIX’s music is known as ‘russemusikk’, the hardcore music scene that exists alongside graduation celebrations in Norway.

The song to save a party

“Here, the pupils react best to the songs they listened to as a teenager”

Maddy: feat of Dizzee Rascal. Calvin Harris & Chrome – “Dance Wiv Me”

Don’t make the mistake of choosing something “underground” to save a party in Cambridge. Like it or not, I’ve found that the students here respond best to songs they listened to as a teenager (see: both MCR’s “Mr Brightside” and “Teenagers” which take place at the club of Fez during the week of my first year). “Dance Wiv Me” is a lot less boring than some other nostalgic favorites, and thankfully, its instruction to “dance” couldn’t be clearer.

Matthew: Kesha – “Die young”

There’s a certain point during Cambridge’s usual LGBT + nightclub playlist Glitterbomb where this Kesha classic pops up and becomes the second wind of the night. “Let’s enjoy the night, like we’re going to die young” is the song’s call to keep you partying even louder than before. This is a particularly prophetic statement when I consider Cambridge’s workload to resemble an inner death.


The song you’ll hear literally everywhere in Cambridge

“Adele’s classics usually come out when the night starts to slow down, which in Cambridge often seems to be around 11pm”

Maddy: Any ABBA song

If you come to Cambridge and don’t like ABBA, I have bad news for you. You’ll hear these Swedes all over this college – maybe ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ is used as a last resort to inject energy into a failing college bop, ‘Dancing Queen’ is on hold for the umpteenth time at Lola’s , or maybe your friend had the very original idea to organize a Mamma Mia party. I would suggest that if you are indifferent to ABBA you just forget about that cool detachment and really get in there, because there really is no escape.

Matthieu: Adèle – “Someone like you”

After “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Sweet Caroline”, it looks like “Someone Like You” is the most recent addition to the songs you’ll hear when someone starts hammering the keys while everyone else is absolutely hammered. Adele’s classics usually come out when the night starts to slow down, which in Cambridge often seems to be around 11 p.m. when the bar closes, but everyone is gathered around the piano screaming at the top of their lungs after too much free port at dinner. registration. .

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