The town hall of Bayonne authorizes the exemption of municipal cinema fees for students

Bayonne has adopted a measure allowing the exemption of filming costs for students.

City Council voted unanimously to pass an ordinance authorizing the changes at its August meeting after it was introduced in July. The ordinance amends the city’s general ordinances relating to licensing, registration and business regulations for filming.

Existing fees for a basic filming permit cost at least $500 per day. There are additional fees for filming in public buildings, public parks and/or other public facilities of a minimum of $1,000 per day.

Filming on private property is set at a minimum rate of $50 per day. Although these are the minimums required, the actual costs are determined by an impact study conducted by the city’s legal division.

The ordinance adds a new paragraph authorizing the waiver of fees by “the mayor or his delegate when the filming is performed by a student of an elementary school, high school, college, university or another educational institution in good faith upon receipt by the mayor or his representative of a written statement from a teacher or administrator of the school attended by the student stating that the filming is for educational purposes only and is not intended for commercial use.”

Welcoming young filmmakers

After the meeting, Chief Legal Officer Jay Coffey said the move was intended to relieve student filmmakers of municipal fees for large productions. Nearby schools are developing filmmaking programs, with students seeking to film locally in Bayonne.

“There’s Bayonne High School and Saint-Pierre University that are becoming more adept at filming stuff,” Coffey told the News from the Community of Bayonne. “The fees bothered us. So we don’t want to overcharge students and treat them the same as commercial entities. »

The decision to allow the option to make filming free for Bayonne students follows the approval of a major planned film studio, which the redevelopmenters said would offer internships to local students. However, Coffey said that had nothing to do with the planned 17-building studio set to be built by 2025.

Meanwhile, more and more movies and TV shows are filming in Bayonne. With the city set to become a “Hollywood on the Kill van Kull”, Bayonne also allows young locals to fulfill their cinema dreams without the burden of municipal fees.

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