TikToker flags continuity error in ‘Waiting to Expire’ scene, but fans are quick to come to the film’s defense

TikTok investigators strike again after spotting a massive continuity error in cult classic romance drama “Waiting To Exhale.” The incident has since gone viral after many platform users admitted to only seeing the edit error now.

The scene in question involves single mother and beauty salon owner Gloria Matthews, played by a legendary actress. Loretta Devinewho is spotted talking with her ex-husband, David Matthews, played by Primetime Emmy nominated actor Giancarlo Esposito.

Tik Toker @IAmKristin points put a continuity error in the ‘Waiting Exhale’ scene. Photo: Tik Tok/Screenshot: @IAmKristin

During the couple’s conversation, Gloria’s earrings appear, disappear, and reappear once more. While executives may not have spotted the mistake until the film was released in 1995, TikTok content creator @IAmKristin claimed she first saw it when she saw the movie when she was younger and decided to bring the scene to fans’ attention last week.

Viewers were stunned, with many admitting they had watched the award-winning film without ever noticing the vanishing act, including one user on the platform who wrote: “I’ve seen this movie 1000 times and I never caught it.” Another person shared, “Even though I love this movie and know it word for word…I can honestly say I never noticed this lol. Thanks.”

“We never noticed because you were so deep in the movie, you don’t care about the earrings because it’s a good movie,” added a third person. “It was my signature movie in my twenties. Never noticed. I never notice that kind of stuff. lol. I was too focused on the acting and the soundtrack!”

Still, many people were quick to come to the defense of the Forest Whitaker-directed film, with many saying they were too engrossed in the film to realize the earrings were missing. “I think people who notice things like this don’t pay attention to the movie itself and what matters is that my fiancé does,” wrote one reviewer. Another commented, “WE HAVE NO REVIEW BECAUSE IT WAS A GOOD MOVIE.”

@IAmKristin defended her highlight and found support from another enthusiast who wrote, “As soon as I saw her. I knew you were going to talk about her earrings,” before adding, “ once you watch something over and over. You notice everything. @IAmKristin replied: “Exactly, that’s not something I noticed the first time I watched it.”

Devine ultimately won an NAACP Image Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture and is currently starring in STARZ’s hit TV show “P Valley.” Esposito recently wrapped AMC’s critically acclaimed drama series “Better Call Saul.”