Vijay’s Dad Chandrasekhar Slams Beast Director, Says Film Lacks Script

Actor Vijay’s father and filmmaker, SA Chandrasekhar, has slammed Beast director Nelson Dilip Kumar for making a film “relying solely on Vijay’s fame”. In a recent interview, the filmmaker expressed his disappointment with the film’s script and questioned Nelson for not doing his “homework” on RAW agents and cross-border terrorism, which are the film’s major plot points. Chandrasekhar is an acclaimed director, having made over 70 films in various southern languages, as well as a handful of Hindi films. Read also : Beast Box Office Day 5 Collection: Vijay’s Movie Approaches 200 Crores Worldwide National Revenue Affected by KGF: Chapter 2

Beast marked director Nelson and Vijay’s first collaboration. In the movie, Vijay plays a character called Veeraraghavan, one of the best spies the country has ever had. The film follows the character as he attempts to rescue people held hostage by terrorists in a shopping mall. The film, which opened in theaters to high expectations last week, received mostly mixed reactions from critics and audiences. After a stellar opening day, the film struggled to keep up.

In a recent interview, Chandrasekhar shared his thoughts on Beast and what he thought went wrong with the film. “It’s a film that was made relying solely on Vijay’s stardom. The young filmmakers deliver a great first film in terms of content, technology and direction. They’re also sort of doing well with the second movie. When they start getting the big superstar projects, these young filmmakers start thinking, ‘now that we have dates with these heroes, we can make movies however we want.’ “He (the star) already has a huge fan base and his movie will be successful in theaters, so no need for a script and things like that. And they’re making a movie with some songs and fights,” said Chandrasekhar told Thanthi TV, as reported by

Furthermore, Chandrasekhar said that the film which is about ISIS terrorists and RAW agents has not done enough research to study how they work. “You have to take the time to study all these things. You can’t rush into a project because you’re dating a star hero. A good script will immerse the audience in a story and this movie lacked that,” he added.

On its opening weekend, Beast violated the 200 crore club worldwide. This is the fifth time a Vijay star has broken the 200 crore club. However, much of those gains were due to a strong opening day on Wednesday. Since then, the film has seen a massive drop every day outside of Tamil Nadu, largely due to the success of the Kannada film KGF: Chapter 2. Even in Tamil Nadu, KGF 2 has gained more than the local title in the past five last days.

The film was dubbed and released in Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam. The Hindi version – released as Raw – turned out to be a miss, only winning 50 lakh since its first day of release and showing no upward trend thereafter.