Wilmer Valderrama’s Daughter Is a Big Fan of His ‘Encanto’ Soundtrack

By Jamie Samhan.

13 hours ago

Like all of us, Wilmer Valderrama’s daughter is a big fan of the Encanto soundtrack.

Valderrama, who voices Agustin in the hit film, spoke to reporters during THR‘s Oscar Nominee night, about his daughter Nakano Oceana, 13, and her love of music.

“When [Nakano] gets up in the morning, we give her the bottle and as soon as she hears the song, immediately, hands in the air clapping,” he said of his daughter whom he shares with the fiancee Amanda Pacheco.

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“[She’s] 1 year, like she doesn’t know we have tons of videos [of her clapping]”, Valderrama continued, per People. “It’s a bit suspicious because she’s just kinda like bouncing her diaper up and down and it looks too much like a twerk and it’s a little too early for that.”

“But I think it’s a very beautiful thing when a child wakes up to music,” he added.

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Wilmer Valderrama and Amanda Pacheco arrive for The Hollywood Reporter’s Oscar nominees party. Photo: Lisa O’CONNOR / AFP/Getty

But Nakano isn’t ready to stand still throughout the film just yet.

“She’ll look and she’ll be like ‘Wow, that’s a lot of colors. Wow, that’s getting really loud. She’s just crawling, but I’m dreaming about the morning and I’m dreaming about the day she just wants this movie on TV,’ did he declare.

Valderrama can’t wait to show her all the “other animation stuff” he’s banked over the course of his career for her.