With a gripping storyline, many twists and turns, Kabadadaari is a faithful remake

After Sathya, Sibiraj and Pradeep Krishnamoorthy joined hands for the second time for Kabadadaari. Interestingly, this time, too, it’s a remake, and they’ve chosen a thriller again. The story revolves around Shakti (Sibiraj), a sincere traffic policeman, whose real interest lies in dealing with cases related to crime. One day, he stumbles upon the skeletal remains of a family of three, and he decides to pursue his interest despite his senior officer’s warning.
However, his plans run into a roadblock when he learns the remains are four decades old. His meeting with Kumar (Jayaprakash), a short journalist who is also interested in the case, helps him unravel many mysteries. The arrival of Ranjan (Nasser), a retired cop, who investigated the case decades ago, and actress Ramya (Suman Ranganathan) in the plot, makes things complex for Shakti. Will he be able to resolve the unusual case?
The major positive aspect of the film is its engaging storyline which is devoid of unnecessary deviations. The way Hemanth’s story from the Kannada version was improvised to fit the Tamil nativity is worth mentioning. Nasser and Jayaprakash’s effortless performances act as script catalysts that keep viewers hooked until the end. Sibiraj, as a serious cop, does the trick, thanks to the convincing portrayal of the varied emotions the character goes through. Suman, Nandita and Sampath agree in their respective roles.
On the other hand, the second half seems a bit long despite the fact that the film has reduced its duration compared to the original version. The presentation could have been a little more tense. The twists work; they would have been more attractive if the tension that had built up around them had been even more exciting. The antagonist, who was quite effective in Kavaludaari, appears less threatening here. Simon K King’s music and Rasamathi’s cinematography, however, support the smooth storytelling. Overall, Kabadadaari is a staunch attempt to remake a murder mystery.

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