With sharp storyline and strong storyline, Panghrun holds your attention from start to finish

Panghrun, which transports you to another era, is an honest representation of human desires. This period drama revolves around a young girl named Lakshmi (Gauri Ingawale), who has been living a widowed life since the age of 14. She remarries the respectable kirtankar Ananta of Konkan alias Antu Guruji (Amol Bawdekar), who is twice her age. Struggling with his own dilemmas, he tries to restrain himself from being attracted to his newbie wife, who in turn craves intimacy.

To begin with, the subject of the film was treated with great sensitivity. There haven’t been many Marathi movies in the past that talk about women’s sexual desires in such a shameless way. With a sharp script and a strong story, the film holds your attention from start to finish. So, it’s safe to say that Mahesh Manjrekar has once again displayed his cinematic excellence with this one.

Since the male protagonist turns out to be a kirtankar, the music is rightly one of the film’s strongest elements. The songs are quite situational and play a vital role in the progression of the story.

Gauri Ingawale is an excellent actress. She has perfect control over her expressions and delivers a powerful performance. Amol Bawdekar, as a learned kirtankar, has done his role full justice. Rohit Phalke, Surekha Talwalkar and Pravin Tarde also provide strong support.

The best is saved for last as Panghrun packs a punch with an emotional climax. You can definitely watch this one!